Meet Ariana, a sweet birdie that you can make look even sweeter!
. Drag and drop the "head" pieces over her and combine them to your liking.
. The flowers will re-appear once you move one of them, so you can add as many as you want!
. Change the colours of Ariana to your favourite, using the swatches on the right.
. Finally, take a snazzy screenshot for safe keeping.

This is my first game ever, created to teach myself how to code.
I was inspired by Kim Hoang's "Dress Up Cat" tutorial,
and decided to use Construct 2 and build upon it.

While the game is mostly functional on mobile, playing on desktop is preferable.
There are some music issues that cannot be fixed at the moment.

All artwork by me.

Thank you! ♥


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What a beautiful bird! I love the art style & the soft colours and gradients, and the accessories are all really cute, too. c:

Aw, thank you so much Yunne! ♥♥